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The Most Common LASIK Eye Surgery Questions Answered

One of the most fragile and important parts of a human being’s body is the eye. It’s delicate and can get easily damaged even by the slightest objects. Few individuals aren’t comfortable with glasses or contact lenses, hence the introduction to Lasik surgery, which is done to correct the defects of the eye.

You can bid farewell to wear glasses prescribed by your doctor, after the surgery. As intimidating as it may seem, it is a very safe process. Lasik surgery has been performed on a number of patients, each one being a success and guaranteeing better eyesight for the individual.

Farewell to Wear Glasses

Are There Any Risks After Undergoing Lasik Surgery?

This procedure has been done to several patients and the overall success rate has been high. Post the operation, most patients cure faster than others, either way, you win. The drying out of the eyes is a side effect a patient may encounter. If you need any advice, you can always book an appointment with the best eye specialist in Dubai. The pros and cons to it can be broken down to you easily.

Is Surgery Painful?

Stories of painful surgeries have been doing the rounds, but I’m glad to say, Lasik surgery is painless. Surgeons use an eye numbing eyedrop. In addition to that, you will be provided with medication that is both comforting and relaxing.

After a few hours, you will notice your vision turning blurry, which can be sorted through eyedrops. If you feel any pain or sensation during or after the process, contact the doctor for immediate medical attention.

How Long Does It Take for One to Heal?

After Lasik eye surgery, the healing time depends on the patient. There are those who recover after two or five days, others after several weeks. Everyone will have blurry visions at the start, however, when fully recovered, the blurriness disappears, and your eyes develop a clear vision. Doctors recommend a good sleep, avoiding the use of any gadgets and wearing protective eye gear at all times. The best way to heal is by allowing your body to rest.

Requirements for Undergoing Lasik Surgery

What Are the Requirements for Undergoing Lasik Surgery?

To qualify this round, your eyes must be in good condition. That means if you have any issues related to your eyes, you’ll have to wait for it to fully recover first. If you have any sickness like diabetes, it is not recommended for you to proceed, as you’ll have to pause your medication for the surgery. Finally, although it may be uncommon, you must be fully conscious of the possible side effects.

What Is the Appropriate Age to Go Through Eye Surgery?

There is no specific age limit for this procedure, although people above 18 years of age are recommended for this.

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