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Rules to Follow When Driving in Dubai

Are you looking forward to your time in Dubai? Have you tried cheap rent a car Dubai? Then you are almost done with having a great time on the well-maintained roads of Dubai. But hold on before putting the car into the first gear. Are you well versed in the general driving rules on the streets of Dubai? If not, then it is wise to check out these rules.

Following rules, while driving in Dubai is essential. Not doing so can lead to severe penalties from the traffic police and enforcement authorities. These tips will make sure that you complete your end of the bargain as a responsible driver.

Right-Hand Driving

Right-Hand Driving

You need to ensure that you drive on the right-hand side of the road. In case you are an international traveler from US or a majority of EU countries, then this can be a regular occurrence. However, if you are from a country like Australia, then this might be a departure from the norm. So, it would help if you were careful when driving in the UAE as it may lead to a difference in the way you drive.

Booster Seats for Children

The government has mandated the use of booster seats in case children are traveling with you. Non-conformance to this point leads to severe reprimand and penalty from the authorities. Violators may be fined AED 400 and be handed four black points. Also, all front seat passengers need to be above 10 years of age. If there are children below 10 years of age, then they should not be seated in the front row next to the driver.

Prohibition of Mobile Phones

Drivers cannot use mobile phones while driving. If caught talking on a mobile phone while driving, the violating drivers may face stiff fines. If the driver has a hands-free, then he can use these when driving.

Don't Drink and Drive

Don’t Drink and Drive

Driving under the influence of alcohol is a strict no-no. There is no leniency to this driving violation in any situation. The blood-alcohol level has to be zero if the authorities check the same. Anything above this will lead to heavy penalties and even jail time.

To Conclude

Dubai has built a superb network of world-class road systems. For international tourists, the cars zip through without any troubles. As a driver, you need to source and confirm to your end of the obligation and drive responsibly. With these tips, you would be able to drive around Dubai and Satwa district without disturbing the peaceful surroundings or doing anything not approved by the traffic police here.

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