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Five Exercises That You Are Doing Wrong

No matter how long you work out or which exercise you chose. Your results cannot be up to the standard if you are doing the exercise wrong. There are several mistakes that one or the other often make whilst doing regular exercises at your local gym. However, every physical fitness center in Dubai, the trainer ensures that you perform all exercises correctly. If any exercise is done the wrong way it can prove fatal and cause a long-lasting muscle injury. Here, we have listed five basic exercises that almost ALL of us get wrong.

Not Stretching

Have you ever noticed that one member in your gym who no matter how much the trainer explains, jumps straight into exercise? Or due to your tight schedule, you decided to skip warming up session. The only advice is never to start your workout without warming up. It is important to get your heart and muscles pumping, this incites an adrenaline rush, which not only helps you’re in loosening up the muscles but also fires up your metabolism rate.

Not Stretching

Wrong-Way to Bench Press

Bench Press is one of the erroneously conducted exercises. Only a few people can perform this exercise correctly they also need a trainer to guide them through the workout. If you make even a small mistake like stretching your hand off the bench you may risk serious shoulder injury. The best way of performing this exercise is by using free dumbbells not incline one.

Lifting Heels While Doing Squats

The other rookie mistake most of us do is raising our heels while doing squats. After several repetitions, and such mistakes tend to happen. However, doing this leads to twisting of the knee which, in turn, may cause inflammation and pain.

Raising Your Body Too Much During Crunches

The other mistake most of us make is digging the chin and then jerking yourself up while doing stomach crunches. And if you raise your body too high off the floor then your abs aren’t contracting which makes the exercise ineffectiveness. So, when you are performing crunches make sure your neck is straight and don’t lift your body too high.

Raising Your Body Too Much During Crunches

Excess Cardio

Who doesn’t like a body like The Rock of Gal Gadot then you are guilty of jumping on every cardio machine available to you and overdoing it? For example, if you are using an elliptical and you set the resistance on high then you would probably end up with back and hand pain because you leaned on the handlebars for support and hunched to maintain balance. This brings down the effectiveness of the exercise and leads to severe back problems.

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