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Understanding the Recent Updates to M365

The world is slowly moving towards implementing strict regulations to govern how personal data is shared. Recently, the EU passed a data protection act creating a wave that is being felt all around the world. Countries are now coming up with privacy laws. And it’s not just the laws that are changing; people are also changing their approach towards privacy. Now, people go through privacy agreements. A study conducted in The United States revealed that consumers would most likely not proceed with a transaction if they encounter something, they don’t like in a privacy policy. Here are some of the changes Microsoft Office 365 has incorporated to keep up in a world that’s becoming strict on privacy.

New Specialized Workspace

A New Specialized Workspace

The new specialized workspace features a compliance center. The Data Governance feature helps you protect personal data, and the Data Subject Request enables you to respond to regulatory obligations in the compliance center. It also features a compliance manager where a user can assess their compliance risk. All this is made possible with an improved user interface coupled with AI assistance.

Safeguard Your Data Across All Your Devices

You are now able to categorize data in all your devices if you are using any M365 app. For instance, you can mark content written on MS Word or MS Office as confidential and the system will apply its data protection policies for the material.

Manage Your Data Governance Process

Users can now preview Microsoft’s information protection regulations using the label insights to check and ascertain by themselves how data is being used by M365.

You Can Handle Sensitive Data Securely

There is always a risk that sensitive data may be lost or tampered with during litigation or investigation. With the new eDiscovery feature, users can coordinate with all the parties involved so as to edit the documents prior to being shared with a third-party. By doing so, users can help to reduce and also cut down on costs related to managing important data.

Microsoft Office 365

Make Sure Your Company is Compliant with the Regulations in Place

Regulated industries require monitoring and auditing of communications throughout the organization. M365 brings with it a unique feature to flag sensitive data and obscene language. If you need more information about M365, you can contact an IT firm, and they will discuss with you the features comprehensively.

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