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Features of Professional Interior Design

Interior Design in Dubai

According to the German philosopher Vilema Flusser, interior design is the art of embodiment of the author's intention by using certain technologies. Today a true professional in this field needs to have extensive knowledge in the field of architecture, construction and repairs.
For the average person the apartment interior design is associated with a particular style of design of living space. Turning to the professional, the customer expresses wishes and ideas on how he would like to see your home. The expert must embody the ideas, developing the design project of the interior, based primarily on the principles of ergonomics and functionality.

When creating the project a professional takes into account the nature and profession of the owner of the apartment or house, his/hers age, tastes and hobbies, lifestyle, habits. The design project of the interior represents a creative collaboration of the customer and the contractor only after obtaining a comprehensive knowledge of the client’s lifestyle.

Functional Apartment Interior Design

In recent years service of interior design became very popular. In the design of residential interiors interior design consultants in Dubai usually take into account the aesthetic and functional needs of the client.

Classic Interior Design

The main idea of a good interior design is that style solutions must match the scale of the living space. The finishing materials for all rooms of the apartment must be selected very carefully. You should remember about the interior elements without which the design will not be completed: lighting, furniture, curtains, fittings, appliances, accessories and plants. Everything in the new apartment should emphasize the individuality of the owner. This is a unique own world, where everything is subordinated to your interests and lifestyle.

Regardless of the choice of design type (European classics, Oriental styles, avant-garde trends, eclectic and so on) the designer is guided by several principles, the main of which are:

  • The creation of a single composite line, the conceptual core (the main idea of the design project);
  • The distribution of the accents (the use of duplicate or similar design elements, harmoniously combined with each other);
  • The harmony of lines of motion (sophisticated apartment interior design involves smooth transitions from one living space to another).

A professional designer always focuses on the integrity of the space, the compatibility of all elements and items of residential interior.

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