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Marble Floor Polish And Maintenance

Marble polishingEven though marble is considered to be a very durable building material, if it is left as it is for long periods of time without proper cleaning and polishing, it will begin to lose its shine and allure.

The whole point of having a marble floor is for the unique shine to remain, so onlookers can appreciate its timely beauty. If the marble is not maintained, whether it be placed around the fireplace, or used in the kitchen for making counters more appealing, chances are it will begin to affect even other high-end items and décor pieces.

Marble floor polishing Dubai by our company will help with a range of potential problems that can affect marble floors, including dulling and loss of shine, yellowness or dirt layers, stains and spots, or misalignment and uneven blocks. Fortunately, most of these have easy solutions. The only thing that ought to be ensured on your part then, is making use of the right techniques and substances for cleaning, polishing and finishing.

Main Issues Affecting Marble And Solutions

Marble floor polishing in DubaiOver the years, especially when used frequently, a marble floor will start to look dull usually in some areas, and may even undergo scratches, which are usually small and unnoticeable, but can also be quite prominent. In these cases, the solutions depend on the type of problem.

If the floor is uneven in terms of heights, it can be evened out using professional services. This is usually done through the process of grinding.

Another recurring issue, which is also perhaps the most oft-occurring one, is when some parts of the floor become dull and others remain, or the same happens with the level of shine. Even though not ugly per se, this certainly affects the way the room looks overall. This issue is usually dealt with by polishing the marble, some types of which can bring back the original glossy texture that looks almost like a glass layer is on top, or a smoother less shiny look.


A novel idea that will appeal to many users out there is the sealing of marble. This is a process in which a sealant is applied on the marble so it becomes more resistant to scratches and stains. In cultured marble, as opposed to fully natural marble, this is something that has already been taken care, since a protective layer is used on the surface. Since natural marble surfaces are fairly porous, it makes them receptive to stains that can settle if not treated. Sealing will also help to drive down the cost of regular maintenance and the difficulty of cleaning.

The best way to look after your marble floors is of course regular cleaning, which is surefire way to preserve the quality of the marble, and keep it looking fantastic. This will also help make sure any dirt or staining that has taken place never gets the time to be absorbed further.

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