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Design tips for choosing Curtains & Blinds

Blinds and curtains in DubaiCurtains and blinds add to the aesthetic appeal of the house. However, it’s no mean feat to match them to the existing décor. Even though a plethora of options to buy blinds and curtains in Dubai are available, it’s extremely tricky to choose the right way to style your windows. There are many factors that need to be considered such as color scheme, style, length, functionality and most importantly, budget.

Color Scheme

Adding color to your room can act like a wisp of fresh air. A room which is largely neutral can choose reds or yellows for a warmer feel and go with blue or violet for a cooler room. Cool blues & neutral colors ensure a calm environment and shades of reds and oranges exude energy.


If you want to enhance the space of the room, you’ll have to be picky about the colors. Dark colors make the room look stuffy & small, whereas light colors make the room look spacious & airy.

Functionality vs finesse

Functionality vs Finesse

Before buying blinds and curtains in Dubai one must consider their purpose keeping in mind the weather conditions. For instance, sheer curtains look graceful but don’t ensure privacy and are translucent. Blinds offer privacy but not the same tastefulness. While choosing curtains let’s say for the bathroom, one must not opt for heavy drapery as it’ll make the bathroom look more stuffy and humid. In the living room, one can be more experimental depending on whether one wants more light or a more exquisite appeal.

Different folks, different strokes!

When it comes to drapery, there’s no one shoe that fits all! Different people have varied needs and tastes. Thus, there’s a scope for a lot of customization to cater to specific individual needs.

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