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Cleaning Requirements When Moving Out

Moving out cleaning is at times considered as the toughest task to execute as very much dust and dirt and grime get left out. Here are a few tips for moving out cleaning provided by First Call Cleaning Services L.L.C.


Cleaning service in DubaiTry to vacuum all rugs and carpets in your apartment. Once you notice spots on your carpeting, you should address it appropriately. You can try removing it with the right cleaning solution. Employ a professional cleaning agency instead of doing the profound rug cleaning by yourself.

Use a safe cleaning product if you are cleaning it on your own. In addition to that, sweep your vinyl fabric or tile floor surfaces. If you possess a heavy steam mop, you can also put it to use on your wood flooring for the far better result.


You should ensure to remove all screws, hooks, or racks from the wall space in a careful manner. If there are obvious marks left once you've removed them, make an effort to conceal the slots or markings using specialized products. You need to ask your landlord if you are required to color the wall space white or not.

If there are specific smudges, locations or spots in some regions of a wall you can test using normal water and soap to remove them if the wall has water-resistant wallpapers. Ask help from a specialist personal who has experience in cleaning. The walls tend to be the toughest area to completely clean after moving out.

Windows and Mirrors

We advise to rinse all mirrors, house windows, as well as any other glass surfaces by using a great quality screen cleaning solution. This inhibits any discolorations, streaks or fingerprints.

Cobwebs and Dust

Cleaning windowsYou should remove and gathered dust on window blinds and windows sills, shelves, baseboards, etc. Moreover, remove cobwebs from wall corners near the ceiling.

Kitchen Sink, Tub, and Shower

Finally, you should pay special focus on your kitchen sink, tub, and bathtub, as well as the region surrounding these things. In case the sink is made of porcelain or stainless steel, you may use a powdered agent to attain best cleaning results. For bathtub, you must take extra attention. You may get mildew, as well as cleaning soap stains which can be removed by using a soft-non-abrasive cleanser. Be sure to wash well after making use of soap.

Light Fixtures

You must clean all light accessories that may be found in your home or apartment. However, consider examining and replacing those that are lacking or burned away.

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