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Cleaning Method without Harmful Chemicals

Cleaning serviceEnvironmentalists are happy with the idea of a traditional blast cleaning contaminants from historic buildings, objects, and buildings. The innovation of dry ice blasting is much more safe and effective alternative, and more favorable to the protection of such buildings as the other media techniques blast. Cleaning and maintenance companies in UAE and Dubai like Optimum are saving the environment and your money.

How it saves:

  • No damage to the substrate, the process is free of abrasion
  • Reduced cleaning and related costs arising from the absence of secondary waste (as well as other methods of communication steel, such as sand, beads, water, etc.) as the dry ice sublimes back without any hazards into the atmosphere
  • Produce the substrate of unaltered portion after providing cleaning with dry ice as a chemical process is slow and leaves no black residue
  • In tight spaces and complex areas the deep cleaning without harming the environment
  • Free moisture, do not conduct

Companies In Dubai

There are many manufacturers in the world that produce equipment and instruments for dry ice. Because this is a new and rapidly growing area, there are few that are providing equipment for more than 20 years. Some newer models are offering quite great ways to reduce the noise. Of course, the old patterns that have proven experience will always get satisfactory results.

Companies offer ice machines that produce dry ice patches to give high quality of dry ice. Some are also producing a machine for the recovery of CO2.

Optimal Dry Ice Cleaning (Odico)

Dry ice blastingA leading professional and specialized supplier of cleaning services in Dubai, Odico offer the most effective, safest and customized cleaners to the versatile and productive industries on the UAE market. With comprehensive and complete turnkey solutions for various industries, renowned commercial, marine, and aviation cleaning using the best and cleanest for the environment. Additionally, they provide top quality cleaning products and supported by well trained and qualified special team to provide excellent results for all cleaning applications that is required.

What Odico Offers?

  • Custom service of cleaning solutions
  • Latest equipment of the forefront technology.
  • Fully qualified professionals and operation
  • Fully compliant with security policies and guidance at every stage of the project.
  • Quality of service and unmatched quality standards
  • Industry leading customer service and full technical support.
  • Maintenance of the quality management

Other Companies Offering Dry Ice Techniques in Dubai

  • Super Tech Dry Ice Blasting & Dry Ice Manufacturing

Super Tech Industrial cleaning is a national company, in January 2009, adopted and funded by the Khalifa Fund, is located in the industrial area of Abu Dhabi Emirates, working in the heart of the industrial cleaning. An important role in the production of dry ice of different weights and dimensions of carbon dioxide "CO2" liquid dry ice making Super Tech holds

  • Carbonate International

Carbonate International remains the most esteemed producers of dry ice of the UAE and with the solution "free mechanical cooling" of the cold chain since the foundation in 2004. To this end, we provide support, fast and outstanding solutions to customers with the sole aim of exceeding expectations in terms of quality and service.

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